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We provide an affordable alternative to typical gas, water and oil exploration techniques without the need for drilling.

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Affordable Alternative for Exploration

We use patented technology to determine underground lithology and fluid depths without the need for drilling.  This is a huge advantage in oil, gas and water exploration saving 10’s of thousands of dollars on drilling projects.  We charge only $3.00 / foot analyzed making our solution one of the most affordable ways to ensure the most production out of your wells.

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Naturally occurring electric currents within the earth allow us to accurately determine lithology breaks and fluids without drilling.
petro-sonde well logging technology

The Petro Sonde

The ability to determine the updip from downdip is often the difference between a gusher, a marginal well or, worst case, a dry hole.


Depth of lithology breaks.

Track the updip direction.

Depths and thickness of pay zones.

Avoid crossing faults.

Fluid and depth identification.

Presence or absence of hydrocarbons.

Affordable and Easy Exploration

We offer an affordable and simple way to determine underground lithology breaks and to detect fluids.  Our quick process involves shipping our Petro-Sonde logging device to you, allowing you to take the necessary readings, and then emailing you your results.  When you are finished simply return the Petro-Sonde to us.

Phone Consult

Discuss your needs with one of our industry professionals.  We can explain specifically how it works and answer any questions you have.

Device Ships

Once you determine our solution is a good fit for you, we will ship you the Petro-Sonde.

You Take Field Measurements

Use the Petro-Sonde on site as you see fit.  The device simply sits on the ground and uses naturally occurring currents to determine lithology breaks and fluids.

Request Readings

Our team then remotely gives you the results of only the depths you request.   This entire process is very affordable in comparison to other alternatives and just as accurate.

Return Petro-Sonde

When you have all of the readings you need, simply return the Petro-Sonde to us.
35 years of experience and 35 years of satisfied clients

EEL American

"We have been using Geophysics International's services for several years now, and have been happy with the results. The Petro-Sonde is a tool that, if used properly, can significantly reduce the risk of any drilling opportunity. This is an example of the tool identifying an offset opportunity which we set pipe on and produced. We currently have more projects we are surveying to utilize this technology again. All in all, we have been happy with the results and the services of Geophysics International."

CPMAK Investments

"First of all, in a world where there seems to be very little customer service, I would like to thank Geophysics International for their help all the way through this drilling project. They are customer service-oriented, which is very rare in today's world. I heard about them through a friend and decided to try the Petro-Sonde to try to increase my chances on a producing oil well. The Petro-Sonde was easy to use and any questions were just a phone call away. The logs they provided caused me to drill in a different location than I had planned and the logs they provided before drilling were a good representation of the open hole logs after the well was drilled. The well is producing 5 bpd with a small amount of water which is good for the cross cut field. I will be using the Petro-Sonde again on some more points before drilling again."

- Mark Norris, President

Bullet Development

"We ran three separate Petro-Sonde surveys on the Boatright prospect in hopes of finding a Fry (Strawn) sand anomaly at approximately 2060 - 2070 ft. The analyst with Geophysics International identified another sand, being the Breneke (Canyon) sand, 18 ft. thick, at 1974 ft. and carrying hydrocarbons. We drilled the well, Boatright C #2 and found exactly what the analyst
identified and the well was completed as a producer."

- Larry Wellhausen, Owner


Other Testimonials

Matt Rottman, Owner of Rottman Drilling:
"I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to drill a well. It is especially an incredible value if you are looking at a multiple drill site. We have a 98% success rate when we drill a well on a site located with your technology."

Geoconsultants, Inc.:
"In a recent project, the technology was instrumental in locating several deep high-yield irrigation wells in a desert environment. The technology is most effective when correlated and calibrated to all available hydrogeologic data, such as from well logs, in the area of interest."

Pennzoil Company - Western Division:
"In each instance, your equipment accurately indicated the presence of oil and identified with 3′ to 10′ the top and base of the potential pay. These zones are currently plugged off while additional tests are conducted uphole."

Gary J. Colaizzi, Goodson and Associates:
"We found the results of this demonstration to be impressive, and feel that the instrument warrants continued research and development. It appears that the Petro-Sonde has potential to be successful in a variety of applications."

L. H. Meeker, Meeker and Company Inc.:
"I was amazed when your geologist came out and in fact produced an exact replica of the electric log that no one had a copy of besides me. I knew there was no way he could have researched this well."

John P. Carr, Carr Resources Inc.:
"I have used the Petro-Sonde / Geophysics International since the early 1980’s with good results. I have found the tool useful particularly in defining the limits of reservoirs in the development of a new discovery. The charts provided by a comprehensive survey of the field area prevented the drilling of several dry holes."

B. K. Crumpley, Halliburton Oil Producing Company:
"We are not endorsing Geophysics International or the Petro-Sonde. With this letter, we are merely stating that we have applied this technology in our oil and gas exploration programs in attempting to resolve subsurface geological problems."


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